Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whew, Busy, Busy, Busy

So the Cricut Swarm was a HUGE success. There were 13 of us all together, with Cricut machines buzzing in the background. The mantra of the weekend was, OMG I love my Cricut, I didn't know it could do that! LOL
The projects that the ladies created were amazing, we had folks working on pages, cards, just all sorts of stuff. If you drop by the store and head into the crop room, don't forget to check out the page samples on the wall. All the pages there were created using the Cricut machine. It never fails to amaze me how talented our clients are!
So needless to say that past week was insanely busy. During the crop I actually had a moment to catch my breath and just work on coloring techniques, specifically using my Copic markers. Here is one of the cards I did!

This art deco lady is from a set of stamps I bought about 100 years ago, so I can't even remember what the company is, but she was fun to color in. I also did her up in red,

The shimmer on her is a new product that we will be getting in called, appropriately Shimmerz. They are in a paint format and go over your existing mediums. They add a light layer of glitz to any project.
I have more projects to show you all, but I'm off the play pool tonight. Talk amongst yourselves, I'll give you a topic:
Why do labels on children’s medicine say not to drive or operate heavy machinery? Hmmmm

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