Friday, January 29, 2010

The News is Out...

Well, I'd like to wish everyone a good morning but I'm afraid that I'm just not feeling it today. As I'm sure most of you probably know by now, we have decided to close the store.
It was not an easy decision to make, but it was a necessary one. I loved being a store owner, not only did it afford me the luxury of going to work almost everyday and loving what I did, but it allowed me to meet amazing people who also share my love of crafting.
As store owners we have been able to travel, to see the latest products before they hit the shelves, and of course to meet celebrities in our industry, and yes I mean Tim Holtz!LOL
I just want everyone to know that this is not the end, and that you haven't heard the last from Jodie Heuser. I will still be posting regularly on my blog, plus I'm looking into starting up some personal ventures so you will want to stay tuned for that.
Thank you everyone for your well wishes and support and I will post again on Monday. I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.


lhisartsy53 said...

I am so sorry to hear of the closing. while I never took classes there, I enjoyed coming in to look at the stamps and beautiful papers and peek into the classroom. I always bought my magazines from you instead of going to Barnes & Noble and will greatly miss the store.

It really is a shame that small businesses are having such a terrible time. We all need to remember that bigger isn't always better and do a better job of supporting our local small businesses around town.

Bren said...

Jodie and all the ladies...

I am so sorry to hear about the store closing. Our group always enjoyed our time there. I wish we had "found" you sooner :( But I want to extend my thanks for your wonderful facility and outstanding customer service. We are saddened to see another store close b/c bigger isnt always better. NOT even close. Many well wishes to you and the ladies. God Bless...
Brenda Haffner
Scrapfabulous Chics ;)

Jane said...

Oh, my goodness, I am SO SORRY about this!! I can't tell you all how much I'll miss you, the classes, ATC swaps, and all the wonderful items in your shop!
Jane Palmer

Cinda said...

So sorry to hear this Jodie. I just hate the this recission has made hard times for so many good people. Look forward to see your future ventures. Good luck and love to all of you!!
Cinda Nordin

Sheryl - Skylar & Maci's Noni :} said...

Jodie, Jeanne and all the other staff members..

I can only imagine how you all are feeling, I know my heart is broken to hear the news! I LOVED taking classes with you both and was so looking forward to all the classes I was wanting to take in the new year. I can honestly say that I have never been in a store where I felt so welcomed and comfortable and shown so much hospitality! I hate this for you all and will keep you in my prayers and will look forward to any new adventures you have coming our way! God Bless you both!
Sheryl Musslewhite - Callahan

L Bedo said...

Hey New Girlfriend!
I am sorry to here about the store closing. I am just starting to get to know you all and will miss our times together.
Well, we have one ATC workshop left on Feb. 13th so let's have a blast! I'll bring some chocolate ATC's and we can have 3 hours of creative FUN!
I look forward to see what you do with your artistic gifts!
Your Friend,
Lori Bedo (Jacksonville)

Deb said...

Oh, this makes me soooo sad. Regency is a long haul for me, but it is always a special trip and I will miss looking forward to making the outing and getting to visit with you as I check out the new stuff!

PLEASE promise to stay in touch! {{hugs}}

Marina said...

Hello Jodie!
Thank you for entering my blog contest! I was testing your information as your email came with a no-reply address and I found your blog.
I'm so sorry you're closing your store......!! I see the next post gives some good news so everything will work great for you.
Keep in touch and good luck in my contest drawing!
xx Marina at